Welcome to Shri Parshvanatha Brahmacharyashram, Gurukul

Parshwanath Bramacharya Ashram (Gurkul) was established by Param Pujaniya Tirtharaksha Shiromani Acharya Shri 108 Aryanandiji Maharaj on 7th June, 1962, and is situated at Ellora in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra State in India. This Gurukul is governed by The Mahavir Bramhacharya Ashram (Gurkul) Karanja-Lad District Washim in Maharashtra State, India.

Since its' inception in 1962, this institute is tirelessly endevoured not only for the propagation of Non-violence, Vegetarianism, Jainism, Peace, Social Unity, but also for the upliftment of down-trodden. At Ellora, we run Shri Parshwanath Brahmcharyashram Gurukul, Gurudev Samantabhadra VidyaMandir, Aryanandi Chatravas (Hostel), Clinic, Library, Laboratories, Dharmashalas, Jain Mandir, and thus cater to the needy and poor people from the society. The Highschool - Gurudev Samantrabhadra Vidyamandir has around 1,200 students, many of whom are below poverty line. They come from the down-trodden society. We at Shri Parshwanath Brahmcharyashram Gurukul, arrange for their free meals, break-fast, books, clothing, residence, medicines, and sided developments. Pilgrims and Religious Dignitaries, Munis (Monks), Scholars are given all the necessary facilities. Extension Lectures, Social Events, Parv-Pujas are arranged. . Read More »


Mentor & Founder


Shri Acharya 108
Samantabhadra Maharaja
Founder of several Residential Schools
Established on 7th June 1962,


Shri Acharya 108, Aryanandi Muniraj
Tirtharaksha Shiromani

Gurkul (Chatravas/Hostel)

pictureThe Institute runs a spacious Chatravas (hostel), with airy and large halls, clean toilets and beautiful gardens. Clean, filtered and pure water is available 24 hours

High School

pictureThe school has a well-furnished Laboratory, a Rich Library, Auditorium, Gymnastic Hall, Staff-Room, Ladies Common Room, Clean Filtered Drinking water system, and clean wash-rooms.


I could well brought up myself with the rich religious & spritual atmosphere of the Gurukul. It is very necessary for every Jain family to send at least one child to Gurukul, so that the children get to know about Jainism and they also become followers.
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Shri Parshvanath Brahmacharyasharam, Gurukul
Ellora, Taluka Khultabad, Dist. Aurangabad 431 102, Maharashtra, India.
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