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Mr. Vardhaman Randive

I was fortunate, and cannot express my gratitude in words towards my parents for having been sent me in the Ellora Gurukul at the right time. I was there from 5th to 8th Standard (from 1972 to 1976), and it really helped me lot to religiously shape up my life in my childhood. The basic teachings enhanced the principles of Jainism in my mind, and further in my day-to-day life. Jain Gurukul is the basic need of today, as it develops a child religiously, instigate self discipline, and also help him in his all-round development. These developments are just not possible at home. I really appreciate the selfless, wholehearted & sincere dedication of Shri Pannalalji Gangwal alias Kakaji, who spent almost his life for the development & betterment of this Gurukul since its inception, and it would not have been what it turned out today, without his timely dedication & able guidance from time to time. I am very happy to associate with this Gurukul as one of the Trustees, and to see that this Gurukul is growing in a very positive manner, so that many Jain families can take advantage of this facility. My vision is to double the strength of the Gurukul boys, and bring this Gurukul at the International level with all the modern facilities, along with the religious education, so that every student who goes out of this Gurukul not only become a self sufficient to overcome the educational competition, but also become a true follower of Jainism, and a loyal Indian citizen too.

Still, …… some words are left unsaid, ……. Some feelings remained unexpressed….. missing those days a lot….

Falling short of words to appreciate, I express my sincere thanks & gratitude to one and all my then Teachers & Gurukul staff members, especially Shri Kakaji, Shri Yashpalji Anna, Shri Hazare Guruji, & Shri Nirmalkumarji Tholiya, for upbringing me in a religious manner what I am today.



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I could well brought up myself with the rich religious & spritual atmosphere of the Gurukul. It is very necessary for every Jain family to send at least one child to Gurukul, so that the children get to know about Jainism and they also become followers.
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