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Lyrics in stone with vivid paintings and vibrant sculptures. The rock-cut caves of Ajanta nestle in a panoramic gorge in the form of gigantic horseshoe. The finest examples of earliest Buddhist architecture, cave-paintings & sculptures. Ajanta has been designated as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE to be presented as an artistic legacy, that will continue to inspire and enrich the links of generations to come.

Distance from Aurangabad: 100 KM.



Tucked away in the lap of crescent shaped hills, the impressive Ellora caves containing shrines, monasteries and temples are dedicated to 3 different religions : Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism with the key attraction of monumental Kailas temple, the largest single monolithic structure in the world.


Distance from Aurangabad: 30 KM.


Daulatabad Fort

On the way to the Ellora caves, is the hills fortress of Daulatabad - one of the world's best preserved medieval forts. Once known as a Devgiri, meaning hill of gods, this magnificent fortress was renamed Daulatabad -the city of fortune.

Distance from Aurangabad: 15 KM.






Built by Azam Shah, a loving tribute to the memory of his mother, the queen of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Standing spectacularly on the lawns of landscaped garden, the white - marbled monument rises majestically in an intentional bid to rival the world famous TAJ MAHAL OF AGRA. The central tomb, distinguished by elaborate surface ornamentation and intricately perforated marble screens, is framed by four towering minarets.



This exemplifies the engineering ingenuity of that age. The mills run on water channelized from a river 6 km away through an earthen pipeline, was used for grinding food grains for the community kitchen. Surrounded by picturesque gardened landscape, dotted with fish tanks.




Just half a kilometer from Ellora caves, is this magnificent temple, one of the five Jyotirlings in Maharashtra, has 24 exquisitely carved stone columns supporting the main hall. Another place well worth a visit is the nearby Holkar tank.






The looms of Paithan weave the beautiful Paithani sarees, that are prized by women. The town is also famous for Dnyaneshwar Udyan, the largest garden in Maharashtra and replicating the famous Vrindavan garden of Mysore with a museum treasuring a fascinating collection of art. The Jaikwadi dam, nearby is bird-watcher's delight




The renowned abode of Saibaba. Devotees belonging to every faith throng here to pay their respect to his memory. Thursday is the special day. Fairs are organized on a large scale. Besides Saibaba shrine, there is the Dwarkamayi Mosque and Sakori Ashram




Paithan Jain Mandir

Paithan is a Digambar Jain Atishay kshetra (Pilgrimage place of miracle). Paithan has one Chaturth Kalin (Thousands of years old) sand Idol of Bhagwan Munisuvrat Nath. The idol is of the time period when the stone Idol were not made and hence one can estimate its antiquity. It is believed that Ram, Lakshman and Sita used to worship this Idol. The Idol is miraculous and one who visits the temple with pure intent and full devotion gets his or her all wishes fulfilled. dnyaneshwar




I could well brought up myself with the rich religious & spritual atmosphere of the Gurukul. It is very necessary for every Jain family to send at least one child to Gurukul, so that the children get to know about Jainism and they also become followers.

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